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KL Ready Stock

Please feel free to browse our Malaysia Office Ready Stock, these stock can reach you within 2 – 3 days. If you need your winter clothing urgently, you can choose from collection below. Kindly aware the winter wear are limited to certain color and size only. You are welcome to contact us or leave us message if you have any further enquiries.

Winter Clothes For Men

[MCT001] Black, L – RM199

[MCT046] Navy Blue, L – RM159

[MCT021]  Navy Blue, L – RM129

[MCT021] Blue, {L, XL} – RM129

[MCT021] Navy Blue, M – RM129

[MCT004] Black + Green, 3XL – RM149

[SPO018] Blue, L, Men – RM149

[MCT001] Gray, M – RM199

[MCT053] Black, S – RM179

[MCT001] Gray, 2XL – RM199

[MCT004] Black + Green , XL – RM149

[MCD010] Gray, L – RM79

Winter Clothes For Women

[SPO001] Magenta, L, Women – RM149


[WJC003] Orange, M – RM160

[WJCPS008] Pink, XL – RM148

[SPO010] Red, Women, XL – RM240

[WJCPS006]  Army Green, 2XL – RM156

[WJC063]  Wine Red, L – RM180

[WJCPS006] Dark Blue, 2XL – RM156

[WPJ001] Black, 27 – RM89

[WPJ007] Black, 3XL – RM96

[WJC061] Black, 2XL  – RM179

[BL001] Dark Gray , 2XL – RM98

[BL001] {Dark Gray , Light Gray , Violet} , XL – RM98

[WBL002] Black – RM124

[WPJ003]  Black, XL – RM66

[WJC026] Blue, XS – RM252

[WPJ004] Black, 3XL – RM75

[SPP013] Army Green, XL – RM130

[WBL001] Gray – RM43

[KDJ035] {Gray, Red} Size 140 – RM70 for 2 pieces

[WJC041] {White, Red} Size S – RM199

[WJC042] White, S – RM212

[WJCS082] Khaki, L – RM199

[KDJ035] {Black, Navy Blue} Size 90 – RM70 for 2 pieces

[WJCPS008] Pink, Size S – RM148

Due to coming China National Days, our china warehouse will be on holidays. All orders place after 26th September 2017 will be a bit delay and estimated to reach our customer around 15th of October. Kindly place order ASAP to avoid any delay in delivery. TQVM